Thursday, January 5, 2012

Accepting His Compliments

For some reason, it can be very difficult for many of us to simply and graciously accept compliments. We are quick to minimize them, brush them aside, refute them or in some other way, discredit them. 

We need to stop doing this. When we put down the compliment, we are insulting the person who gave it. We need to learn how to accept their gift of kindness with grace and style.

The next time your darling husband gives you a compliment, say nothing but walk toward him with your sexy walk, maintaining direct eye contact. With your face close to the side of his, use your low, sexy soft voice to tell him simply something related to his compliment. 

One example would be if he told you that you look beautiful to tell him in your soft, sexy voice, “Thank you. You make me feel beautiful.” Then give him a soft kiss on the cheek . . . or on the corner of his lips.

Tip: Remember that every compliment is a gift from the heart. Accept it graciously and you make the giver feel appreciated. Accepting the compliment is not about you sharing the same belief - it is about honoring the giver.

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