Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boys Night Out

There have been several interesting studies over the years that relate to men and their need for friends.

In 2001, a report was published by ABC News regarding a study on the dynamics of exercise and relationships for men and women. It found that men tend to be better about regular exercise when they get support from their friends, versus from family. It also showed that men with active friends tend to be more active themselves.

In July 2010, TIME cited various studies on health and longevity that related to friendships. The findings all point to friendships playing a role, for both men and women, in overall good health and longevity of life.

Then, in August 2011, TIME Healthland cited a study that showed a man having a "bromance" may actually benefit his sex life with his wife. This study noted that the couple's sex life can suffer if a wife is too friendly with her husband's friends.

How does a "bromance" benefit men and a couple's sex life? According to the article, "men rely on their close male friendships to fuel their sense of autonomy, privacy and independence, which are in turn crucial contributors to their feelings of masculinity."  

If you are wondering how a woman's closeness to her husband's friends upsets that dynamic, the article went on to state, "When a woman steps in and usurps one of those close male bonds, she may threaten her partner’s manhood and his sense of male identity, thereby increasing the likelihood of sexual dysfunction."

The message from these studies to wives: be supportive and encouraging of him having a regular boys night out with his friends. Men need male bonding time to help decompress, to encourage them to be/stay active and healthy and to better be able to give you the good loving you both want for you to have. And, get your own friends. ;-)

Tips: Show your support for your DH in his regular nights with friends by making plans for yourself on those nights, offering to make or buy some of the food for their night and not interrogating him or being sulky when he returns home.

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