Statistics & Research on Marriage and Family

The following links lead to various articles and studies regarding marriage and family. This page is a work-in-progress, so please check back often for new additions.

Though I am a strong proponent of traditional marriage and family, I felt it was important to show a variety of studies and articles on these topics, even when they contradict one another or differ from my personal beliefs, so you can make your own informed decisions.


Give and You Shall Receive? Generosity, Sacrifice, & Marital Quality
The Generous Marriage
What Makes Couples Happy? (video)
Generous Couples Have Happier Marriages
Be Kind and Have Sex 'Til Death Do You Part
Common Traits of Long and Happy Marriages
The Secret to a Happy Marriage? Small Acts of Kindness
What's Marriage Got to Do with the Economy?
Barely Half of U.S. Adults are Married - a Record Low
The Decline of Marriage and Rise of New Families
Is the Recession Linked to Fewer Marriages?
The Reversal of the College Marriage Gap
Marrying Out


Study: Are Cohabitating Parents Bad for Kids? (mp3)
High Price of Shacking Up
Living Together: The Economics of Cohabitation
Why Cohabitation is Worse than Divorce for Kids
A Shaky Foundation for Families


When Baby Makes Three: How Parenthood Makes Life Meaningful and How Marriage Makes Parenthood Bearable
How to Keep Parenthood from Making Your Marriage Miserable
National Marriage Project Finds Recipe for Married Parents' Happiness
The Five Secrets of Happily Marriage Parents
Generosity with Spouse Key to Why Married Parents Happier than Others, Study Says
The Cratchit Tax Credit
How Declining Birth Rates Hurt Global Economies
Marriage and the Baby Carriage
Global Family Structure
Global Children's Trends
Global Family Culture
New Facts about Families
For Millennials, Parenthood Trumps Marriage
Since the Start of the Great Recession, More Children Raised by Grandparents
U.S. Birth Rate Decline Linked to Recession

Blended Families
Blended Families
A Portrait of Stepfamilies
Guide to Step-parenting and Blended Families

Single Parents


More Women without Children
The Typical Mother: There isn't One
The New Demography of American Motherhood


A Tale of Two Fathers


At Long Last, Divorce

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