Friday, January 6, 2012

Grand Gestures

Grand gestures do not need to be made in order to say "I love you." However, those who want to occasionally make a grand gesture may feel a bit stumped as to what exactly to do.

The following examples of grand gestures may be a bit costly or take a lot of time and effort.  However, they are also inspirational examples of how to surprise and delight him by creating an experience for him that will truly rock his world.

Former 49ers Quarterback Steve Young was treated to a world-rocking surprise by his wife, Barb when she organized a flash mob to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Similarly, Shannon Tweed, longtime girlfriend of KISS rocker Gene Simmons, arranged for him to meet his (half) siblings while they were in Israel.

These women know "their men" and knew exactly what would mean a lot to them. What things would change "your man's" world or mean everything to him? What are things he loves or thinks are funny, creative or spectacular? Find a way to incorporate one of these into your grand gesture.

Tip: With careful planning, not all grand gestures need to be costly or time-consuming to arrange. You don't need to break the bank to make a grand gesture. Shop around, call in favors, get creative and have fun.

Image: Dwight Tracy/

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