Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Car Door: Entering

It's those little thoughtful things we develop into habits that can really help make a difference in a relationship. Today's way to surprise and delight your dearest husband is one such example.

The next time your darling husband opens the car door for you so you can climb into the car, be sure to flash him your best smile and say “Thank you.” Then, after he closes your door, quickly lean over, unlock and open his door. Try to hold it open, even if just a little bit, for him.

TIP: Try to develop the habit of doing this, as well as the upcoming Car Door Exit way to surprise and delight your husband. He will appreciate the thoughtfulness and appreciation. It will also help him stay motivated to show these little courtesies, such as opening your door for you, to you on a regular basis.

Image: czmarlin. GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2. Wikimedia Commons.

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