Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Notebook

Something you can create for your darling husband over time is a notebook filled with special memories and words of love and encouragement from you. You can include photos or other mementos, but the most important part is to share with him why you love him, how much you love him and how very special he is to you.

This notebook is written with love by you and is for his eyes only. It can be a simple notebook, a journal or a handmade leather-bound notebook you have created yourself.

Remember when you have those loving thoughts and special moments to take the time to write something about them in his notebook for him. Let him have the joy of not only reading them, but of being regularly surprised to find new entries in his notebook.

When you start having negative thoughts about your beloved one, pull out his notebook  for a quick review of how much he means to you, flaws and all.

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