Friday, December 23, 2011

Wear It

You know that thing you would never in a million years wear that your dearest love really wants you to wear? Wear it. Just once. 

It could be risque lingerie, a revealing special occasion dress or a simple pair of jeans when you only wear dress slacks. Its not about the thousand little flaws you will be so quick to pick out in how you look in it (Though I am sure you will look mah-velous, Darling!). Its about creating a fantasy for him. And that is really all that will matter to him: you doing something outside of the box, despite your own hesitancy, just for him.

Tip: Remember this is about doing something for him, so relax and have fun. Throw yourself into the moment and enjoy all the attention and affection he is lavishing on you. Focus on how much it means to him and you may just forget about your own misgivings.

Image: Hendrike. GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2. Wikimedia Commons. 

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