Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teach Me: Building Intimacy through Sharing

Another great way to help build intimacy in your relationship with your Darling Husband (DH) is to ave him teach you about something he loves so you can better enjoy it together. Does he love football and want you to go to football games with him? Have him teach you a few of the basics of the game. You can even spend a little time tossing the ball to each other, running with the ball, etc. He will appreciate your genuine interest in something that interests him.

TIP: This doesn't mean you need to 'intrude' on his much-needed time with his mates, but it does mean a little expressed interest and support of the things he loves can go a long way in adding to the intimacy you experience in your relationship.

Image Credit: Adamophoto/Freerangestock.com  

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