Monday, December 19, 2011

Give Him a Jubilant Greeting: Sultry Style

Surprise your darling husband with a most jubilant greeting when he comes home after a long, stressful day. A little advance planning really helps pull this one off to his sheer surprise and delight.

While you don’t have to dress up in your finest gown, do make sure you have taken care with your appearance. The usual jeans or sweatpants will not do for this greeting. Plus, if the plan is for the greeting to move beyond the front door, a shower and lacy underthings may also be in order.

When your dearest love enters your abode, be sure to approach him with your best sultry walk while smiling an inviting smile, slide your arms around his neck and kiss him thoroughly. What happens after that is up to the two of you.

Want a little musical inspiration? Try Faith Hill's "This Kiss" video on YouTube.

Image: public domain. wikimedia commons.

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