Friday, December 30, 2011

Do It For Him

You know that thing that your beloved hunk of a man desperately wants or needs to do, but just never gets around to doing? That is the  perfect thing for you to do for him. Whether its him forgetting to take his suits to the dry cleaner, shine his dress shoes, get his watch repaired or pick up a new charger for his phone, if it is something that you can do for him, do so.

Now, if it is something that he is very particular about, you may just want to give him sexy or silly little reminders so he will take care of it himself. Either way, your darling husband will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Tip: If possible, go the extra mile with this one. For example, if he always forgets to do these little things, setting him up with a free reminder service or you just taking charge of getting them done for him would be a great added bonus. Some programs, such as Thunderbird email, come with add-ons that include reminders. Remember the Milk is another option. It works on cell phones, through Google, etc.

Image: Chance Agrella.

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